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Troopers say 3000 piglets are loose after truck crashes on the interstate

Illinois State Police say that thousands of piglets are on the loose following a semi truck rollover crash on a busy interstate.
SUV driver dies after hitting semi illegally parked on rest stop ramp

SUV driver dies after hitting semi truck parked on rest stop ramp

A truck driver has been cited for illegal parking following a fatal crash involving a passenger vehicle at a rest area in Ohio.
Emergency Declaration

FMCSA exempts truckers from HOS regulations with 16 state emergency declaration

In the wake of devastating flooding that hit the midwest last week, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued a regional emergency declaration to exempt truckers from following certain regulations in multiple states.
Illinois Walmart hit with $50,000 fine for allowing truck parking

City bullies Walmart into banning truck parking with $50K in fines

An Illinois Walmart location is finally giving in to city officials and eliminating semi truck parking after they were hit with tens of thousands of dollars worth of fines.

Driver found dead at trucking terminal

Authorities say that they discovered the a man who had passed away inside a truck at a trucking terminal in Pennsylvania.
Trucks With Room To Spare

Group works to connect ‘trucks with room to spare’ to disaster victims

A small online group is looking for help from truckers with a little extra room in their trailers to bring disaster victims the relief supplies that they need.
ATV Nashville

A group of a hundred ATV riders are wreaking havoc for drivers

Nashville police are asking for backup after a group of ATV riders have been running rampant on their roadways.
Trucker loses his life while unloading steel beams

Trucker loses his life while helping to unload steel beams

A truck driver was killed in Utah on Monday when the cargo that he was unloading off of his truck fell on top of him.
National Guard escorts convoy of trucks hauling life-saving supplies to flood victims

National Guard escorts convoy of trucks hauling life-saving supplies to flood victims

Watch as police and the National Guard escort of convoy full of trucks loaded up with desperately needed supplies to help residents of the city of Fremont, Nebraska, which was devastated by recent floods.
Truck Driver Shortage

Feds say that the ‘truck driver shortage’ isn’t real

A newly published report from the U.S. Department of Labor says that the controversial 'truck driver shortage' does not exist. 
Mass Riots

Presidential candidate says driverless trucks will cause ‘mass riots’

A Democratic presidential candidate is making headlines for his bold predictions about how he believes truck drivers will fight back violently if autonomous vehicles take away their jobs.

Multiple truck stops are under water because of historic flooding

Several truck stops in the midwest are now under water after a massive flooding event devastated the area. 
Dropped Sandwich

Police blame fatal semi truck crash on dropped sandwich

Indiana police say that distracted driving caused by eating resulted in a two semi truck crash that claimed a woman's life over the weekend.
Semi Truck Blindspots

Troopers give students an eye opening lesson about semi truck blindspots

Officers with the Illinois State Police say that they recently got the opportunity to educate more than 1000 high school students on what truckers can -- and can't -- see from the driver's seat of a semi truck.

DOT blames freak fatal accident on semi truck’s missing locking washer

The Mississippi Department of Transportation says that the death of a college student who was hit by flying truck tires at a rest stop on was probably caused by a missing $3 dollar metal ring.
American Flags

Truckers fly flags to honor fellow driver who lost daughter in combat

A group of truckers in Illinois are decking out their trucks in American flags as a show of respect for a fellow driver who lost his daughter while she was serving overseas in the U.S. military.

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