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Trucking industry on fast track to recovery after driver turnover plummeted amid COVID-19

After the profound impact of COVID-19 on the driver market earlier this year, the trucking industry is making bounds towards recovering faster than the rest of the economy.

Truck driver caught smuggling 31 immigrants across border in belly dump trailer

Border Patrol agents took 31 undocumented immigrants into custody after completing a search of a belly dump trailer. The search occurred on Sept. 23 when a tractor...

HOS changes start on Tuesday — Here’s what you need to know

Major changes to truck driver Hours of Service regulations will go into effect in just a few days, so we rounded up the information you need to be ready.

Dash cam saves trucker ‘thousands and thousands’ after pickup crash

A company says that their dash cam saved a trucker from making a big payout after he was hit by a pickup.

Two oversized loads strike I-20 overpass in 30 minutes

The Texas Department of Transportation is reminding truckers to "know your load" after two oversized load bridge strikes occurred in the same place in less than an hour.

Train obliterates semi stuck on tracks in front of police station in gut-churning video

Police have shared anxiety-inducing video of a truck vs. train crash that happened in Georgia on Thursday.

Gunman still at large after trucking yard shooting

A gunman is still at large after fatally shooting a man at a trucking yard early Friday morning.  The incident occurred at around 6:50 a.m. in the Queen St....

Protests erupt in dozens of cities, shutting down interstates all across the country

On Thursday night, interstates and bridges across the country were shut down by thousands of protesters demanding justice in the wake of the high-profile Breonna Taylor decision.

Truck driver helps woman with a child flee abusive partner on the highway

A hero truck driver helped a woman with a child flee an abusive situation on an Arizona highway. The incident occurred on September 20, at approximately 11:00 pm...

Motorist dies after dump truck with bed up knocks highway sign onto pickup

The Ohio State Patrol (OSP) is investigating after a motorist was fatally struck by an overhead highway sign.

POLICE: Truck driver charged for ‘several motor vehicle crashes’ after operating rig while impaired

A truck driver has been charged with driving under the influence after causing multiple accidents, police say.  The series of crashes occured in Salt Lake City, Utah on September...

Truck driver sentenced to less than two years for fatal distracted driving collision

A truck driver will spend just under two years in jail for a distracted driving accident that killed a couple on the way to their wedding.  Jaspreet Chahal was...

Water-logged cab proves drowsy driving is no joke

A truck driver was able to escape his half-submerged cab on his own after falling asleep while driving.  The accident happened on Wednesday, September 23rd at around 9:55 p.m....

National Guard deployed, curfew in place, as protesters take to streets in Louisville

Protesters are gathering in Louisville, Kentucky, after charges were announced in the police shooting death of Breonna Taylor.

15K Volvos recalled for defect that could cause brake pedal to dislodge

Volvo Trucks North America is issuing a recall for more than 15,000 trucks for a brake defect. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recall documents published...

VIDEO: Costume-wearing truck driver may face distracted driving charges

Police say they are looking to prosecute a truck driver after he was filmed driving while dressed as an elephant.  The clip was filmed on the M6 near Carlisle...
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