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What Makes a Good High Mileage Truck? Pt. 2

We continue speaking about how technological advancements in the manufacture of tractor trailer parts have helped drivers stay confident about owning and buying used trucks.

Ducks Who Truck and the Men Who Team With Them

Every once and a while a story shows up in my email that is just too good to keep to myself, this is one of the stories.

Home Security & Surveillance for Truckers

New home security systems make it easy for long haul truckers to keep watch over their home and family. It doesn't cost as much as you might think!

What States are Most Dangerous for Drivers?

Uninformed, distracted and unskilled drivers can be the most dangerous things in a truck driver€™s life. We decided to find out which state the most of these types of drivers lived in.

What Makes a Good High Mileage Truck?

The modern definition of 'low mileage truck' would seem ridiculous just 20 years ago. Advancements in aerodynamics and engine technology makes a half-million mile road warrior a good buy if a few points check out.

Wind Energy Won’t Move Forward without Truckers

Between 2000 and 2010, the total number of kilowatt hours produced by wind energy in the US rose more than 1483%. These incredible numbers may stall if trucker needs aren't met.

The Pre-Trip Inspection Nov 21 – 26

November 21 trucking and transportation industry issues; budget battles, highway and bridge safety plans, state elections, FMCSA rulings and more...

Audio Programs: What Should Go in Your Truck?

Days on the road can be long and boring if you drive by yourself. What are the best free and subscription based audio services you can get to pass the time?
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Avoid The Accidental Dump At The Pump!

Don't be a chump! Avoid wasting fuel at the pump! This money-saving tip is so simple, we almost didn't write it. But we figured since CDLLife is dedicated to all truckers (as in new truckers too), we thought we would go ahead.

Find Out How to Kill Yourself With Caffeine

The big misconception about caffeine is that it's a good antidote to drowsiness and can effectively stave off sleep. The fact is, the stimulating effects of caffeine wear out pretty quickly.

Trucking Jobs in Dubai that Stink (Literally)

The Dubai skyscrapers are literally filling up their water systems with human waste and it had nowhere to go. That is, until professional tractor trailer drivers showed up to do a job that sounds like one of the worst you could ever get.