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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provided guidance for truckers with an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) affected by the Microsoft outage.
California police arrested a truck driver following a truck fire and explosion in Tracy on Wednesday.

VIDEO: Truck driver attempts to use McDonald’s drive-thru

This video was posted to YouTube by Juan Jaramillo on Tuesday. He captioned the video saying, "When you get a Mac Attack there is...

VIDEO: The worst backing job of all time?

Backing can be tough, especially for a new driver, but this trucker's destructive struggle will make you cringe. During the nearly six minute video captured...

“Oh the things you’ll see…”

Reddit user I_Post_Pics submitted this photo to the Truckers Subreddit earlier this week. Some of the most entertaining comments were as follows: "Totally should have used nylon...

Buzz and Woody From Toy Story Hit The Road

So I was driving behind a truck just now and saw this 😭😂 pic.twitter.com/KI84yAopJZ — gab. (@gabgref) August 10, 2017 Calling all Disney fans! This creative...

7 Types Of Dispatchers You’ve Probably Run Into

Most truckers change jobs quite a bit -- which means that most drivers end up working with their fair share of dispatchers. Dispatchers come in...

VIDEO: Rogue Tire Goes On Assassination Mission

In this unbelievable video, a tire flies off of a moving vehicle, enters a pharmacy, and wallops a guy in a meeting. Wheel takes off...

PHOTO: Gator Truck

A dirty trailer is transformed into an impressive work of art.

VIDEO: Men Have Hilarious Reaction To A Police Chase Involving A Semi

Two (possibly impaired?) men are thrilled to witness part of Monday's police chase involving a semi truck -- and their video is going viral. You...

VIDEO: Forklift Driver Does Donuts In Downtown Indy

Some Pokemon Go players caught video of a forklift driver having what appears to be a great time in Indianapolis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo0i2ubgZz0&feature=youtu.be Video Credit: Zachary Doyle

VIDEO: Wait! Come Back!

Take a look as truckers film a truly unusual sight -- four runaway train cars with the lonely engine in not-so-hot pursuit! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ade3Uz-PHjU Video Credit: Daven Amanda

VIDEO: Conan O’Brien Jokes His Way Through Truck Driver School

Watch as comedian and late night host Conan O'Brien makes a laughable attempt to get though truck driver school! https://youtu.be/108M-tVbnOw Video Credit: 20 Years of Conan O'Brien...

VIDEO: Bloopers And Things Drivers Do When They Think No One Is Watching

We love Indiana Jack. His YouTube channel features loads of hilarious and awesome videos.

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