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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Senator shares video of semi passing school bus on the shoulder

A Minnesota senator recently shared "jaw dropping" dash cam video as a reminder for drivers to pay extra attention around school buses.

Trucker’s dash cam catches him cleaning up after litterbug

A trucker's dash cam is rolling for his reaction to a motorist who not only passes on the shoulder to cut in front of him, but also throws out multiple trash items on the roadway.

Trucker’s dash cam ‘saved him thousands’ after he was hit by an SUV

If you've been hesitating on getting a dash cam, this trucker's video might convince you to go ahead buy one!

Cameras catch log truck driver tipping over on turn

A log truck driver ties to make a quick turn at an intersection and winds up making a mess instead.

Wonder how runaway truck ramps work? This video is for you.

The quick, informative video below breaks down how different types of runaway ramps work -- just in case you ever need to use one.

Horrifying new video shows massive I-80 pileup as it happens

Newly released video shows multiple trucks slamming into one another as part of a 140 vehicle pileup that happened on I-80 in Wyoming on Sunday.

Watch a runaway milk tanker plow through at least five parked cars

Security cameras were rolling early this morning when a milk tanker truck crashed through a line of parked cars in California.

Troopers yank trucker out of burning truck seconds before explosion

New Jersey State Police shared body cam video of a trooper's rescue of a truck driver on Monday.

Trucker documents tornado devastation at Nashville terminal

A truck driver shared video of the severe damage caused by powerful tornadoes at his Nashville truck terminal early this morning.

Video dives into New York City’s crackdown on idling trucks

Last week, New York City officials pushed a program that rewards locals with cash for reporting on idling trucks -- here's what you need to know.

Dash cam catches violent dump truck rollover in O’Neill Tunnel

A Boston motorist's dash cam was rolling this morning when a dump truck crashed in the O'Neill Tunnel, leaving one person injured.

Black ice sends truck into scary slide

In this dash cam clip, a truck driver hits a patch of black ice and slides through the median, coming close to hitting a pickup in the oncoming lanes.

Semi hits swerving car as cops close lanes in dash cam video

A trucker swerves to avoid car drivers stopping for police on a Pennsylvania highway, but he isn't able to avoid a major collision.

Texas trucker’s 76-foot BBQ pit trailer is a meat lover’s dream

If you love trucking and barbecue, you've got to take a look at how one Texas trucker is combining the two worlds for a good cause.

Train whacks stuck truck off tracks in wild video

A motorist in Texas caught a violent truck vs. train collision on camera on Tuesday.

This truck driver’s U-Turn maneuver earned him 6 months in jail

Video featuring an English truck driver's dangerous driving has gone viral worldwide this week after it was shared by Staffordshire Police.
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