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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

These 7 bone-chilling winter pileup crash videos will make you glad that it’s summer

As a reminder of how truly terrifying winter weather crashes can be, we've compiled seven of the most heart-stopping chain-reaction crash videos from winters past.

Video proves that truck drivers are still Knights of the Highway

A motorist shared cellphone video capturing the moment that a truck driver went out of his way to help an elderly woman.

Dash cam captures truck tipping over on top of cop car in Georgia

A police officer was injured when a semi truck rolled over onto a patrol car in an incident caught on camera in Smyrna, Georgia, last week. The incident happened...

Suspects throw cinderblocks at cops and truckers during fatal police pursuit caught on dash...

Police in New Mexico recently released jarring dash cam video of a police pursuit that killed two suspects earlier this month.

Corvette drifts under semi trailer, ‘Fast & Furious’ style

A Corvette driver tries to recreate one of the most iconic scenes from the 'Fast and the Furious' franchise in this video clip.

Tesla driver captures violent truck t-bone crash in intersection

A Tesla driver's dash cam was rolling to capture a violent truck vs. car crash in an Indiana intersection.

Caught on dash cam: Trucker’s big load bangs overpass

Watch as this semi truck hauling an oversized load smacks against it against the top of an overpass in British Columbia. A driver behind the truck captured...

Pickup driver picks a fight with a trucker in the left lane

A trucker's dash cam was rolling as a pickup truck driver tries to punish him with brake checks. The video was captured on June 17, 2020, and shared...

Car causes crash that sends semi trailer drifting into oncoming traffic

A passenger vehicle collides with a semi trailer in an intersection, causing a wild secondary crash in this dash cam clip.

Wisconsin troopers share dash cam from pileup that killed four, injured seven

Wisconsin troopers shared a trucker's dash cam video from a serious pileup crash that killed and injured multiple people last week.

Tailgating car driver learns why you don’t camp in a trucker’s blind spot

A Buick driver gets himself into a tight spot, tailgating one truck and then getting PIT Maneuvered by another. 

High winds hurl big rig into ditch in Indiana

A motorist following a semi truck happened to be filming as severe weather suddenly flipped the truck over, sending it into the ditch in LaGrange County, Indiana on Wednesday afternoon.

Video Shows Exactly Why You Don’t Team

Anyone who's ever driven team knows it's not easy to do...even if it's with someone you like. These two team drivers have clearly had it with one another.

Steel pipes plow through cab of truck in terrifying dash cam video

A Connecticut State Trooper captured a trucker's "narrow brush with death" on dash cam.

Tow truck driver crashes into multiple parked cars in wild video

Cameras were rolling when a tow truck slammed into several parked vehicles at a laundromat in California.

Watch how this heavy haul team moves a 235 foot toll gantry on two...

This video takes you inside the massive team effort it took to haul a toll gantry super load in Florida.
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