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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]


Driver finds himself in a clustertruck in heart-stopping dash cam video

A trucker's dash cam captured an incredible close call that he's unlikely to forget for a very, very long time.
I-94 Pileup Report

It’s been five years since 193 vehicle pileup — one of the biggest in...

This week marked the five year anniversary of an historic pileup crash that happened in Michigan that involved nearly 200 vehicles.
Super Sleeper Video Tour

Who’s ready for a custom super sleeper truck tour?

If you can't tour this Peterbilt custom super sleeper in person, we figured a video tour would be the next best thing!
PA Pileup Dash Cam

Truck driver shares terrifying dash cam of snow squall pileup

A truck driver shared dash cam video of a crash he was involved in on a snowy Pennsylvania interstate in December.
Grapevine Runaway

Trucker takes Grapevine runaway ramp in dash cam video

A truck driver is forced to use a runaway truck ramp in this dash cam clip.
Fuel Pump Help

Trucker does a good deed for fellow driver who ran out of fuel

A trucker recently shared a quick video to document an act of kindness he performed at a truck stop.
Building Drag

Truck caught on camera dragging building down highway

A motorist shared bewildering video of a bizarre building structure haul.
Twin Stick Shifting

Old school driver shows how twin stick shifting is done

A veteran driver gives a demonstration on twin stick shifting in this video. https://www.facebook.com/PeterbiltKenworthEnthusiasts/videos/426493167918301/
Trucker Essentials

Top 10 trucker essentials ranked in new video

So you've started your trucking career -- but do you have the gear you need to maximize your miles and make life on the road as comfortable as possible?
Giant Pipe

Truck driver adds car to already oversized haul

An overseas truck driver hauling an oversized load hooks and drags a car in this dash cam video.
MN School Bus

School bus slides sideways through intersection in scary video

A Minnesota motorist was on hand to film as a school bus took a sideways slide through an icy intersection.
Trucker WTFs

Video ranks ‘Top 10 Trucker WTF’ moments

You have to admit it -- being a trucker is one of the strangest jobs out there.
Washing A truck

Now this is how you clean a truck

A truck driver is caught on camera giving the interior of his truck a very thorough wash out.

Texas news crew captures semi plowing into pileup after being hit by SUV

A local news crew was filming as they were almost hit by an out of control semi truck in Texas on Friday.
Black Ice

Black ice sends semi barreling into oncoming traffic

A trucker's dash cam captures the moment that he loses control on an icy road, crosses the median, and nearly hits another semi truck head on.
Black Ice Ditch

Black ice sends truck spinning into ditch

Black ice gets the better of a truck on a Pennsylvania roadway in this dash cam clip.

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