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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

10 Year Old Shifting Skills

10 year old shows off shifting skills in 1977 Western Star

A trucker in the making puts his shifting skills on display in this impressive video.

Car goes ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ after hitting roundabout at high speed

Security cameras were rolling when a speeding motorist went airborne after crashing into a roundabout in California on Thursday.
FedEx Flag

FedEx delivery driver shows respect to fallen flag in video

Viewers nation-wide are praising a FedEx delivery driver who was caught on security camera performing a patriotic act.
GP Transco

Want to be an owner-op? This driver’s story is a must-watch.

Owning your own truck is the ultimate goal for many members of the trucking community, but it requires grit, determination, and know-how to be a success.

24 vehicle pileup on Wisconsin interstate caught on dash cam

A chain reaction crash that shut down a Wisconsin interstate for hours was caught on dash cam.
Flaming Stacks

Flaming stacks spotted in wild video

A motorist caught video of a semi truck spewing flames from its stacks as it passes through a busy intersection.
Median Crash

Trucker dodges multi-vehicle crash that crosses median

A truck driver's dash cam is rolling as a sudden and violent crash crosses though the highway medan and forces evasive action.

ELOG issues? This quick fix could help.

This quick video features a helpful tip for users having issues with their Omnitracs MCP200 ELD device.
Tow Truck

Wrecker driver has a heck of a time trying to tow a bus

A radio station in Virginia shared wild video of a bus tow attempt that didn't go very well.

Police investigating truck vs. railroad crossing arm video

Florida police are investigating video shared by a motorist of a trucker rumbling through an active railroad crossing just seconds before the train goes through.
Alaska Drilling Rig

Truckers work together for massive drilling rig move

Multiple trucks are required to move a super-sized drilling rig to a new location in Alaska.
80 Truck Convoy

More than 80 trucks convoy for trucker battling cancer

Dozens of trucks convoy past the home of a trucker fighting cancer in this heart-breaking video.
I-80 Pileup

Trucker becomes part of 24 vehicle pileup in terrifying video

A trucker involved in a snowy pileup on Wyoming I-80 last week shared bone-chilling video of the crash.
Wrong Side of the Guardrail

Trucker takes a scary side trip through the ditch

A truck driver suddenly loses control of his rig and finds himself going off-roading in this dash cam clip.
Trucker Predicts Pileup

Trucker predicts pileup before it happens in dash cam video

A trucker can tell that nothing good will come from a bunch of tailgating four-wheelers in this dash cam clip.
Bald Eagle

Big rig hits bald eagle at 50 MPH in dash cam video

A truck driver shared dash cam video of an unusual wildlife strike on a Connecticut roadway.

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