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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

VIDEO: Truck driver opts not to cross picket line during John Deere strike

A truck driver appears to show support for striking John Deere workers at an Iowa facility in this video clip.

Winter is almost here and these truckers are the first to know about it

Winter is almost here and truckers across the internet say that they are not emotionally ready.  We’ve hit the middle of October and several states have already seen their...

VIDEO: Spool rolls out of semi trailer and into traffic

A truck driver's day takes a tough turn as a large spool of tubing comes out of his vehicle and rolls into a busy intersection.

VIDEO: Trucker’s ‘bring your nephew to work day’ teaches this kid a thing or...

A trucker recorded an entire day of showing his nephew the ropes during his self-proclaimed ‘bring your nephew to work day,’ and the footage does not disappoint.  In the...

VIDEO: Horn pulls aren’t just for little kids anymore

A lady trucker shows off her truck horn for her grandpa in this sweet video.  In a reversal of roles, tik toking trucker @truckinunicorn shows off her truck horn...

VIDEO: This rig cleans up nice

A trucker gets to work cleaning up his filthy rig in this clever clip.  In the video, a trucker approaches his dirty, damaged Freightliner and takes a rag to...

WATCH: This back-up video has us asking ‘how?’

A truck driver performs a very impressive reversing maneuver in this quick clip.  In the video, a cabover driver backs out of a small space possibly intended to simulate...

VIDEO: Trucker was ‘moments away from making a depressing video’ when this happened

A trucker shares a glimmer of hope in this uplifting tale.  In the clip, the Tik Toking driver admits that “I was literally moments away from making some depressing...

Watch how these working dogs vault into the semi trailer

A TikTok user shared video of some very athletic working dogs making a big jump to get into a trailer.

Ohio DOT cams catch car driver’s bewildering move after missing an exit

The Ohio Department of Transportation (DOT) shared video from a traffic camera as a great example of what NOT to do when you miss your exit.

VIDEO: Trucker wants to know if you’ve ever experienced anything as creepy as this

A truck driver recently shared a spooky experience he had OTR and wants to know if you’ve ever had a similar encounter.  In the video, Tik Toking trucker, @roadrashusa,...

Driver shows off some surprising ‘self-driving’ truck tech in viral video

A truck driver shared a video clip highlighting some unexpected tech that's driving his truck for him.

Teen truck drivers ‘to the rescue’ in video report

This week, a major newsmagazine looked at how teenagers are being trained to drive big rigs amid a legislative push to allow drivers under 21 years of age to operate interstate.

WATCH: Trucking school was definitely different back in the day

An apparent CDL training video from back in the day seriously has to be seen to be believed.  The footage, a Tik Tok recording of what is referred to...

How to: Accidentally score a police escort for your potty break

A trucker shares the story of how her illegal u-turn turned into a police escorted potty break in this story time video.  “There’s my beautiful truck, and we have...

VIDEO: Trucker puts a stop to emergency lane cheaters

A truck driver stuck in a traffic jam plays traffic cop for some four wheelers trying to cheat by sneaking through the shoulder.
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