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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Train obliterates semi stuck on tracks in front of police station in gut-churning video

Police have shared anxiety-inducing video of a truck vs. train crash that happened in Georgia on Thursday.

Trucker is forced to take the entrance ramp to avoid hitting a merging car

An oblivious car driver pulls directly into the path of a truck. With little time to react, the truck driver took the entrance ramp to avoid running over the car.

Semi’s flaming exhaust stacks captured in wild video

"Bro, that's not good at all," says the driver who spotted a semi with fire spewing from its exhaust stacks in a new viral video.

Here’s a friendly reminder to set your brakes!

This dash cam clip provides a good lesson in what can happen to truckers who don't set their brakes.

Iowa sheriff is inches away from a ‘deadly outcome’ with a semi in dash...

An Iowa law enforcement agency shared scary video of an incredibly close call with a semi truck.

Truck driver mangles his trailer in jaw-dropping video

People passing by film as a truck driver who appears to be stuck on a post destroys his trailer and spills his cargo.

‘I saved his life’ trucker says after pickup brake checks caught on dash cam

A trucker's dash cam was rolling when a reckless pickup truck driver decided to make some trouble on the highway.

‘Chassis brake fail’ blamed for crash caught on dash cam

A trucker says that sudden brake failure was to blame for a crash caught on dash cam.

Watch this semi pop a wheelie struggling to lug a massive load uphill

A driver captured video of a semi truck barely making it uphill as he hauls an over-sized load. The post on Facebook by Heavy Equipment Operators shows the truck...

This trucker’s wild driving maneuver saved a devastating crash

In this remarkable dash cam footage, a trucker makes an extreme evasive maneuver to avoid a serious crash.

This 220 foot I-beam heavy haul is a record-breaker

This video featuring a massive I-beam en route to become part of a bridge in Washington state is a must-see for heavy haul enthusiasts. The video shared by...

Sheriff shares scary dash cam of semi swerving before impaired driving arrest

A Michigan Sheriff's Office shared dash cam video captured on Monday shortly before the truck driver was arrested.

Wiggle wagon makes the scariest pass we’ve ever seen

This video of a truck driver passing another semi on a Nevada highway while hauling triple trailers will leave you sweating.

Top of truck’s sweet corn load sheared off by bridge in video

Cameras happened to be rolling in Minnesota when a truck hauling a big load of sweet corn encountered a low bridge.

Comedian makes the (very funny) case for why people should take it easy on...

Need a laugh? This comedian's quick but funny video on the importance of truckers is just the thing you need.

Runaway trailer causes traffic kerfuffle in wild video

Watch as a trailer takes a solo journey into oncoming traffic before crashing into a sign and spilling some of its load.
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