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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Milwaukee dump truck disaster caught on video

A dump truck driver was uninjured during a startling bridge strike that was caught on camera on Thursday.

Troopers share video of 613,000 pound truck making a perfect 90 degree turn

The Nebraska State Patrol recently shared video of a massive oversized load haul as a testament to the skill of the truck driver and team who made it happen.

Husband and wife team talk about trucking while ill with COVID-19 in new report

A married team trucker duo talks about the challenges they faced after contracting Coronavirus while on the road in a new PBS segment. Kansas City-based drivers Chante and...

These pickups towing a single wide is the wildest thing you’ll see on the...

A pickup truck driver and his buddies attempt a little DIY heavy haul in Oklahoma -- and it doesn't go very well.

Log truck driver’s rough day caught on camera

The struggle is real for a log truck driver in an instantly viral dash cam clip.

Love’s responds to viral video involving security guard who threatened to shoot trucker

Love's Travel Centers has issued a response to a video that went viral over the weekend involving security guard and a trucker at a Tennessee truck stop location.

Teeny trash haulers get it done

A tiny but mighty semi truck pitches in with the household chores!

Texas cops sprint to avoid out of control big rig on I-35 in dash...

Police in Belton, Texas, shared video of an out of control semi truck that forced officers to run for their lives on Tuesday.

Cattle truck overturns on corner, launching cows across lot

A liquor store security camera caught dramatic video of a cattle truck crash in Nebraska on Thursday night.

Major merge fail caught on trucker dash cam

A car driver tries to merge left. It does not go well.

Iowa sheriff spots flaming hay bales on a semi

An Iowa officer's dash cam was rolling when he spotted a small hay fire that rapidly turned into into a much bigger blaze on Monday.

Hundreds of truckers convoy to say goodbye to company founder suffering from cancer

Last week, friends and employees turned out in droves to show love and respect for a trucking company founder batting cancer.

Maybe the pickup driver should’ve done a pre-trip

A trucker's dash cam was rolling as a pickup truck hauling a trailer had a severe highway mishap.

Battalion of bobtails slow roll on Chicago expressway for ‘Mayday’ trucker demonstration

A large group of truckers demonstrated in Chicago on Friday as part of the 'Mayday" movement.

Baffling bike rider drafts a dump truck at 40 MPH

Caught on camera -- a bicycle rider dangerously drafts within a few feet of the rear of a dump truck.
Runaway Ramp

Here are 6 of the wildest runaway truck ramp videos

It's a trucker's worst nightmare -- losing your brakes and being forced to use a runaway truck ramp.
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