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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Really Close Call

Illegal pass almost ends in disaster in dash cam clip

A Canadian trucker captured a near head-on crash between another truck and a car on his dash cam.
Women In Trucking Bill

New bill would force FMCSA to figure out how to make trucking more female...

This week, two U.S. Senators introduced legislation ultimately designed to increase the number of women truckers on the roads.

Car driver’s swerve sends truck plunging off overpass in horrifying crash

A motorist's sudden swerve into a truck caused it to crash off the roadway and plummet dozens of feet, killing the truck driver.
I-43 bridge strike

Oversized load driver issued multiple citations for bridge strike caught on camera

Wisconsin police cited a truck driver after his too-tall load smashed into an overpass on Wednesday. The bridge strike happened around 6:30 a.m on November 13 when a truck...
I-71 Pileup

Watch terrifying Ohio pileup as it happens

A man captured cellphone video of a violent pileup crash in Ohio on Tuesday.
Icy Hill

Truck driver is no match for icy hill

Winter weather conditions made for a rough day for a truck driver in a failed uphill climb caught on camera.
Black Ice

Dash cam clip shows how fast black ice can ruin your day

A truck driver encounters a surprise patch of black ice in this dash cam video.
I-10 Bridge

Truck driver takes panicky trip over Louisiana bridge

A truck driver was caught on camera white-knuckling his way across an unnerving I-10 bridge in Louisiana. The video features North Carolina truck driver Kevric Spencer as he...
Pass Attempt

Pass attempt puts trucker lives in danger

A Facebook user shared frightening video of a near head-on crash involving several commercial vehicles.
Wyoming Highway Patrol

Wyoming troopers share video of brutal truck crash

The Wyoming Highway Patrol shared dash cam video of an out of control semi truck that barreled into a trooper's cruiser during hazardous road conditions.
Tipsy Truck

Turn is too much for tipsy truck

A truck driver making a quick turn is the victim of a rollover in this dash cam clip.

High speed police chase ends with a bang in crazy video

The dramatic end to a police pursuit involving the Georgia State Patrol and an unsuspecting truck driver was caught on camera in Jessup, Georgia, on Monday. The incident started...
Chevy Sudden Swerve

Chevy’s sudden swerve ruins trucker’s day

A trucker's day gets a lot rougher when a Chevy driver abruptly loses all control of his vehicle in a crash caught on dash cam.
Alabama Crash

Car driver pays the price for ignoring oncoming semi

A motorist somehow doesn't see an oncoming semi truck and becomes involved in a serious collision caught on police dash cam. The incident was caught on camera by a...

Dangerous Honda driver gets instant justice after cutting off semi to brake check Hummer

A trucker's dash cam was rolling as a road rage battle played out on the roadway in front of him.
Bobtail Crash

Bobtail truck loses control, bangs into dash cammer

A truck driver tries to avoid slowed traffic in the right lane but winds up losing control and crashing into a car in the far left lane in this dash cam clip.

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