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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

VIDEO: Trucker makes an insane save after wind nearly topples truck

A YouTuber was filming on an Illinois highway the moment that a trucker battled a fierce wind gust -- and won.

VIDEO: Drivers engage in horn battle after scary close call

A motorist and a truck driver use their horns to express their displeasure following a near miss.

VIDEO: Wyoming winds topple two trucks within seconds of each other

A motorist filmed as a pair of semi trucks succumbed to high winds on I-80 in Wyoming.

FedEx driver sprinkles a little holiday cheer on your special delivery

As the holiday season approaches, many are preparing to set the table and stuff the turkey; but one FedEx delivery driver is skipping right to the Christmas cheer, and he has the...

VIDEO: Former NASCAR driver shows off a Peterbilt/pickup mashup that you’ve got to see...

NASCAR personality Clint Bowyer recently showed off his custom Peterbilt/pickup truck hybrid.

VIDEO: Truck driver forges his own path to avoid traffic jam

A truck driver says not just "no" but "heck no" to getting stuck in slowed traffic in this dash cam clip.

VIDEO: Car driving next to semi loses trailer in spectacular fashion

A dash cam was rolling on a New York roadway when a motorist passing a semi on the right suddenly lost a trailer.

VIDEO: Turkey in semi meets sudden, unexpected fate

A trucker's turkey problem comes to a quick conclusion in this video clip that takes a very dark twist at the end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWoZUHPe71M

New video shows highway carnage from massive Minnesota pileup

A Facebook user shared terrifying video of a major pileup crash that occurred on a Minnesota interstate on Thursday morning.

Santa drives a semi in Coca-Cola’s new Christmas commercial

Santa Claus traded in his sleigh for a semi this year in a moving new big budget ad from Coca-Cola.

VIDEO: Office workers try driving semi trucks for the very first time

Some ladies who spend all day in an office decide to trade in their desks for a steering wheel for the day, making for an amusing video.

Car driver comes close to losing his head in terrifying close call with tractor

A motorist's dash cam captured video of his close encounter with a tractor on a dark roadway. The heart-stopping video was (appropriately!) shared on Halloween by YouTube user...

Alarmingly smoky semi caught on video on New Jersey Turnpike

A moving semi truck is kicking out a huge amount of smoke in this cellphone video clip.

Road crew nearly wiped out by semi in shocking close call caught on dash...

An out of control truck driver threads the needle in a construction zone close call caught on dash cam that has to be seen to be believed.

VIDEO: Parked semi tossed over like a toy at Iowa truck stop

A dash cam captured hair-raising video of a truck blowover at a popular truck stop.

Trucker forced into evasive maneuver after motorist blindly fails to yield

Dash cam was rolling when a car driver made an ill-advised turn onto the roadway right in front of a semi truck.
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