Truck maker Volvo announced plans to increase heavy truck production capacity by opening a new plant in Mexico within the next two years.
Over $1 million worth of stolen semi trucks are still missing from a trucking company nearly a month after the crime occurred.  The theft happened on March 14th at around 9 p.m. in Puslinch, Ontario, Canada.  According to...

5 slow cooker recipes to try this summer

Summer might be heating up but that doesn't mean it's time to put your slow cooker away. Making meals on your truck can...

Recipe: Italian Sausage Lasagna

This is a meal that can be made ahead, and taken on the road later! Italian Sausage Lasagna Ingredients: 1 Package Hot Italian sausage 1 Package...

RECIPE: Meatloaf Muffins

Make these meatloaf muffins when you're on hometime and you can reheat them in your truck for days! These meatloaf muffins are easy to store, reheat...

5 Slow Cooker Tips That Every Driver Who Cooks In Their Truck Needs Now

For truck drivers who are interested in saving money and eating healthy, a slow cooker can be an essential tool for creating cheap, healthy...

VIDEO: Cook An Entire Turkey Dinner In One Crockpot

Learn how to make a potato, veggie, and -- of course -- turkey feast all in a single crockpot! Video Credit: TosTinMan EasyCooking

Cook Thanksgiving Feast In Your Truck

If you're going to be on the road this Thanksgiving but still want to enjoy a home cooked Thanksgiving meal, it's easy to make in your truck!

Budget Bytes: Tasty, Healthy Recipes For Truckers That You Can Make For Almost Free

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Gallbladder Attacks: 7 Symptoms Truckers Need To Know

Your gallbladder is just a little sac that stores bile. You'd never know it was there -- unless something went wrong with it. Because of...

VIDEO: Cooking A Full Meal In The Truck

BigRig Talk shows you how he cooks a complete meal in the truck using a Burton, hotplate and an electric kettle.

VIDEO: Cooking Plantains And Sausage In The Truck

If you have a Burton stove in your truck, here's a recipe you might want to try!

Healthy Fats Help Fight Diabetes

Cut out the bad fats and replace with good fats. Recipe included!

RECIPE: Low-Fat Chicken Salad

If you're trying to lose a bit of weight, get in shape or just trying to get healthier, try this recipe!

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